About SkyCap Financial

The SkyCap Financial team has been participating in local community events every year including toy drive, golf tournaments, and other charitable causes.

We look to contribute by making a difference within our community to positively impact those who need it most.
We look forward to contributing to many events throughout the year and to making a difference in our community.

SkyCap Financial has also helped its clients dealing with natural disasters and other life crisis, including many affected by the Fort McMurray wildfires and the flooding in Alberta, by working with them to cover and forgive their payments, move payments, or temporarily suspend payments, depending on their individual situations when they are impacted.

SkyCap Financial was founded in 2013 to provide alternative financing to Canadians. Based in Kingston, Ontario, SkyCap Financial is an online lender offering online loans of up to $10,000. SkyCap Financial understands that people can sometimes fall into difficult financial situations and need a helping hand. Our loan application process is quick, usually taking less than five minutes. Once your loan is approved, the funds are deposited directly into your bank account. In addition, SkyCap Financial also offers a free educational program, called SkyCap University, which teaches the basics of managing money.

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